Two priests against the mob. Kick Ass, Repent, Repeat

WINNER BEST: comedy,local film,cast ensemble,humor,comedy scene & director


Raul Colon


Raul Colon was born in Bronx , Ny 1970 to Puerto Rican parents . At the age of 6, Raul became a foster child and moved to Water-town Connecticut where he was raised by his foster parents Mel and Virginia Lee Gabey. Raul was one of the few children they kept in their care long term. Eventually, Raul and his new found family move to Florida where he currently still lives today. 

He found his love of acting in the shows he watched with his mother and always wanted to be a Cowboy. Raul's journey in life first began as a boxer at the age of 14 which lead him to become a body builder and a cage fighter.

 In 2012, After a cage match he was asked to do some stunt work on an indie film which finally lead him down the path to pursue his dream of acting. 

Since then, Raul Colon has been in many films both in the indie market and the main stream market, as a stunt fighter , stunt coordinator and actor. Some of his films include Pain and Gain , Aztec warrior , Graceland (stunts ) , he as well; stunt doubled for Marcus Taylor in the movie called Paying Mr. Mcgetty , worked along side Dwayne Johnson in an episode of Ballers and served as stunt coordinator in quite a few indie films. Raul has taken the industry by storm and has proven to be quite a formidable up and coming actor and stuntman.  

Michael Depasquale Jr.


 Producer, stunt coordinator, actor, publisher, and world renowned martial artist, 

Michael DePasquale Jr, is the creator of the Action Film Academy which was held at several different locations including Burbank, Atlanta, New York State, Ohio, and Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

As an actor, stuntman and stunt coordinator. Michael Depasquale Jr has appeared in the movies Bloodmoon (1997), The King of the Kickboxers (1990), No Retreat, No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers (1990), American Shaolin (1991), and The Power Within (1995). He has starred in "China Heat" and "The Cutoff" (for which he was also producer, casting director, and stunt coordinator). 

He has appeared in numerous TV shows and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. 

He is also the president and founder of the Screen Action Stunt Association, which is listed in the prestigious Ross Report Book under Unions and Associations. •

Louis Banks


American born actor from Philadelphia Pa.6 foot, 160lbs, brown eyes, African American. Film and Acting Training: North Penn High drama class  Community College of Philadelphia major communication studied camera,and film production. Walnut Street Theatre  acting and theatre work.      Martial Arts Experience: 35 Years studying Shotokan Karate 5dan Black Belt also studied Aikido,Judo,Jujitsu. A master of these weapons Bo,Sai,Escrima Sticks,Nunchaku,Samurai Sword. Martial Arts competitor for 25 years a two time National Champion. Inducted in the Masters Hall of Fame. 2016    Fight Choreography Training: Cynthia Rothrock Movie Fight and Stunt Workshop at Urban Action Showcase New York.  Michael DePasquale Action Film Academy New Jersey. Art Camacho Hollywood Film Fighting Stunts Workshop. Eric Kawaleski Karate USA Dickson City Pa.    

 Television Experience: NBC  Mike Douglas Show Philadelphia Martial Arts Demonstration. NBC News 11:00pm discussion.  CBS Karate Demonstration. Commercial for Mello Yello Soda Palace Theater Hollywood California.    Movie Experience: Badfellaz  supporting role William Lee  Magnus X supporting role William Lee. Dante’s Log: Chronicle of an Assasin stunt work J. Jesse Smith. Showdown stunt Art Camacho. Choices supporting role and stunts fight choreographer Aeyron Moore               

Alan Goldberg


Wing Chun Kung Fu Master Alan Goldberg has been training in the martial arts for over forty years. He has studied Wing Chun, Five Animal Kung Fu and Shotokan karate. Master Goldberg is Grandmaster Jason Lau number one disciple, and was right alongside him from his days in the Flatbush Avenue neighborhood. Alan Goldberg has been seen and heard in magazines, newspapers, television, cable, and radio throughout the United States.Alan Goldberg also has several instructional video credits, and is also the publisher of Action Martial Arts Magazine. Action Martial Arts magazine, is the largest and most widely read FREE martial art publication in the world. Action Martial Arts magazine has become the largest FREE FULL COVERAGE magazine available today. Alan Goldberg is also the founder and host of the largest martial arts event in the world entitled Action Martial Arts Magazine Mega Weekend which includes the Hall of Honors, Expo/Tradeshow and Seminars which has been held in Atlantic City, New Jersey for over a decade. Alan Goldberg is an advisor for, and he is recognized as one of the hardest-working individuals in the martial arts. Master Goldberg dojo is in the heart of Brooklyn, New York where he has taught tens-of-thousands of students. Sifu Alan Goldberg has a long list of high profile students such as actor Joe Piscopo, who co-starred with Chuck Norris in Sidekicks, former heavyweight fighter Dimitrius Oaktree Edwards, who broke Mike Tyson ribs in a sparring session just prior to the former champion first fight against Evander Holyfield, and Dr. Richard Pearl, who was recognized by Newsweek Magazine as one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the United States. He is particular with who I train because my students become part of our very close family, explained Alan Goldberg. I have had opportunities to expand, but I am really not interested in having a large school because it loses some of the tradition.
At the age of twenty-four, Alan Goldberg was the first person to actually go and live inside a Shaolin Wing Chun Temple. “I lived there for five years and I would have stayed longer, but I got married and my wife didn't think that would work too well,” joked Goldberg. “I was inspired by David Carradine and his Kung Fu television series, and I saw living in this Temple as my calling. It was quite an experience, we would train around the clock, sometimes I would get a knock on my door at 4:00 a.m. and it was time to train. Alan Goldberg is also the creator of Law Enforcement Survival Systems (L.E.S.S.), which was taught to the New York City Emergency Service Unit of the police department. He is also the New York State Commissioner of ORA. Outside of his dojo, Alan Goldberg is better known as a martial arts entrepreneur. In addition to publishing Action Martial Arts Magazine he is also the creator of the very popular Action Martial Arts Trading Cards. He has produced television and movie projects, and is the host and promoter of the largest martial arts event in the world The Ultimate Destination for Martial Arts: Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors, Seminars and Expo which has been held in Atlantic City, New Jersey for over a decade and is the most exciting martial arts events in the world. 

Eric Kovaleski


President of GKMAF Productions brings with him a wealth of experience in business and the martial arts. 

Beginning at an early age of 3, Kovaleski began his martial arts training. Through years of Martial arts perseverance he eventually earned his 7th Degree Black Belt in November 2012 in Seoul, Korea awarded by Great Grandmaster Hee Suk Choi. 

His passion for the martial arts led him to train also under Ji Han Jae, Founder of Hapkido (Korean Self-Defense) and eventually earned the rank of 7th degree in Hapkido. Shortly thereafter he became President of the Global Korean Martial Arts Federation, under the tutelage of Choong Jae Nim Hwang Jung Lee. 

In addition to teaching at his own school, started by his mentor and teacher Grandmaster Robert Kovaleski, Eric Kovaleski instructed the PA State Police, Local Police agencies and US Military personnel. 

With his martial arts background and business acumen, Kovaleski created the ultimate Hall of Fame for renowned martial artists from all styles: Legends of Martial Arts Hall of fame awards and concurrently promoted the USA National Karate championships. 

Kovaleski was Chosen for US National Team to Compete in World Games Athens, Greece in 2004. To date he has won well over 100 Grand Championships Including: Ocean States, Washington Martial Arts Championships, Coal Kicking Championships, All Tang Soo Do Championships, National Martial Arts Championships, and Eastern States Championships. 

Kovaleski has been inducted into numerous Prestigious Martial arts Halls of fame including World Karate Union Hall of Fame, Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame, North American Federation of Martial Arts, USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and the Oriental World of Martial Arts Hall of Fame. 

Among the many commendations he has received are the Lifetime Achievements in the Martial arts from Representative Kevin Murphy, a Citation from U.S. House of Representatives: Rep. Ed Staback, a Citation from the Pan China Confederation of the Martial arts and many others. As if this wasn't enough, Kovaleski also trained extensively in Movie Stunt fighting. To date, he has appeared in numerous Television programs and commercials including Jenny Jones show and Fight Quest TV Show on Discovery Channel. He was also a featured stuntman in Assassin X (Sony Pictures), Father and Father (Short Film), Jun and the Martial Arts Kid. 

With this extensive business and eclectic martial arts background Kovaleski is turning his attention to Producing feature films. Two of which will be slated to shoot in 2017/2018.

Pat Massi












Pedro Tweed


Live with Regis and Kathie Lee 1988 myself setting a world record 

 Mystery of Laura 2014 ( Tai Chi Instructor ) 

Episode 1, 2014 Eyewitness News at the Guinness museum 

 RNN news with Barbara Pinto Plus 5 more German television movies.

 2014 Producer David Cross King Cobra 

 2016 Approaching The Unknown

 2016 * A Different Sun 

 2017 * Diane 

 2018 * Furlough 

 2018 * Departure 

Valerie Genis


 Taekwondo 2 degree black belt 


Gymnastics ( incl gymnastics on trampolin incl front and back flips and similar)  


Acting. Several awards incl this year " best leading role" in International festival of Russian theaters  


Bilingual English and Russian

Arnold, Alice, Susan & Allie








Residential art 


Pedro Tweed 


Stacey Meyer


Host and Anchor at U'r It TV. Professional Photographer.
Interviewed Art Camacho, Mark Goldman and Tom Renner for the Chemist (Assassin X).

Affiliated with Barbizon of Manhattan Acting School as well as Private Acting Lessons.

Acting Credits:
* Harley Davidson Contest Commercial "Here comes the Bride/Harley Davidson.
* HBO Movie  "Show Me  A Hero".
* The Dr. Oz Show Segment "Are You a Sugar or Estrogen Body Type?"
*The Dr. Oz Show Segment "Love at First Smell".

Special Talents:
* Motorcycle Riding Experience of over 10 Years.
* Former Competitive Swimmer.
*Martial Arts Training - Ju Jitsu.

Eric Haft


Born and raised in New York and a  co-founder of Haft2Laugh, 

Eric Haft has appeared in such classic venues  as The Borgata Hotel & Casino, Caroline’s on Broadway, Standup New  York, Broadway Comedy Club, Governor’s Comedy Club. Eric is a regular  act on The Long Island Comedy Festival as well as many other venues  around the country. 

His unique blend of comedy and theater, as well as  his take on everyday life, has made him one of the East Coast’s most  sought after personalities in the industry. Don’t miss this original  entertainer and his cast of zany characters! 

Eric has performed with many of  today’s top comics such as Ted Alexandro, Kevin Meaney, Carie Karavas,  Peter Bales, Rich Walker, Keith Anthony and countless others. He’s been a  professional entertainer since the ripe old age of 12 and is an  accomplished musician as well as stand up comedian. 

Joanne Ciaramella


 A veteran of community theatre with over 35 appearances, Joanne is most well known for her versatility with character acting and accents.

She has worked closely with Middle Class American Productions.

Her credits include drama, as Annelle in Steel Magnolias, and the now famous Ophelia Tweed character tweaked from Eddie Money's "Two Tickets To Paradise" where she also worked as a stage manager. Other credits include the short film "Kenny's Revenge", as well as directing and writing. 

When not onstage, Joanne still utilizes her acting skills as a standardized patient at NYIT's College of Osteopathic Medicine where she is trained to portray in a consistent, standardized manner, a patient in a medical situation. 

Mark Laieta


Father of two. 

Business owner(general contractor) 

Enjoys surfing, fishing, motorcycles and exercising. 

He maintains an active lifestyle.  

Rich Corapi


Rich has appeared in several TV shows and movies and in addition to acting he is a director and a playwright.  

Rich has written eleven plays. 

Lois Thomas


International woman of mystery

Mo Players

The Revilla Family







Marivi Wolfe





Performance Artist 

God's gift to us all

Hank Lowery


Hank Lowrey is known for his work on The Female Bunch (1971), The Red, White, and Black (1970) and The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant (1971).  

Jeanne Jacqueline



"Jeanne Jacqueline Coppola is a storyteller whose art ranges from  witty animations to thoughtful live action productions. She holds her  B.F.A. in Digital Art and Design (having focused in motion graphics),  and an A.A. in Media Communications (having focused in film). Currently,  Jeanne is
 the producer of the new cartoon, Ditmars, a producer for the  documentary Yes in Rainbows and is constantly developing her own  independent work! She has worn many hats from being the first assistant  director on the short 'Date With a Narcissist' to assisting with costume  design on the feature film 'The Last'.  Additionally, Jeanne Jacqueline  has assisted in numerous independent projects such as 'All These Small  Moments', 'One Way', and 'Blue Diamonds' as part of the production team  and art department. She has also been a proud Ambassador for Sofar  Sounds since 2016. Lastly, she is always encouraging those around her to  Dream, Believe, Imagine and Create! "

Benjamin Rutella



Special Talents:  

Sing and Play an Accordion.

Hobby: Ride a Motorcycle.

Acting Credits: 

The Doctor Oz Show 

Segment with Stacey A. Meyer 

"Love at First Smell"

Danny Lopez


 Story Teller/Editor

A member of SAG with close to 100 film credits as a Stuntman, Stunt Coordinator and 2nd Unit Director

Films include: Mortal Kombat, The Replacement Killers, Under Siege II and Walker Texas Ranger

Color Commentator for the MMA Fights California Fight League 3rd Degree Black Belt Sil Lum Fu8th Degree Black Belt Shorin Ju KenpoPro Kickboxing record 34-W  3-L 24KO


Bavarian State Champion 1979-1980 I.K.B.A. World Middle Wt. Champion 155lbs - 160lbsI.K.B.A. World Jr. Middle Wt. Champion 148lbs - 154lbs

Pro Boxing Record 21-W  3-L 18KO


Donald Cox


Man of international mystery and a damn good mechanic.

Johnathan D. Lee


 A actor, known for Paying Mr. McGetty (2018), Celebrity Crush (2017) and Father and Father (2018). 

Chaim Fishof


Triple Threat and has graced Broadway

Jul Genis


 Powerful IT God

Desmond White


Jackson Berner


Many on - air and off- air roles: WTOP-10 campus' student run TV station.
Performed in a few short films made by film majors at Oswego.
Delving  into stand up comedy.